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Charlie AKA Shitty Kitty

This little monster has been invading the house on a regular basis.  I call him a monster, but really he is very sweet.  That’s half the problem though.  He is so sweet and cuddles like the best lap cat.  I brought him home to be a barn cat, so him wanting to be a house kitty is a bit of a problem.  Especially as Abbie doesn’t seem too excited to share the house.  Well, really she isn’t allowed out while the kitten is about.  She gets jealous and chases him so that just doesn’t work too well for me.

We’ve taken to calling him shitty kitty due to his ability to always be underfoot, tripping you while begging for love, crawling into the car, locking the car, begging for a ride in the car, begging for a ride on the lawn mower, taunting the dog by sitting at the sliding door on the deck, and dabbling his paws where they do not belong in my nesting boxes.


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Lest You Think I Have Abondoned You

I took some time and made a lovely batch of pumpkin puree from 6 of the pumpkins I grew this year.  First, I just loved the pumpkins in the garden, they resisted the damnable squash bugs the longest.  Long after the other plants were dead from the squash bugs, these Long Island Cheese pumpkins were still growing strong.  They also made a good amount of pumpkin puree.

I didn’t have quite the amount of seeds that I was expecting, but I think it was because I had to take some of the pumpkins off early before a frost and they just weren’t done growing yet.  So, many of them were flat and not fully formed.  Saying that, the seeds were lovely roasted and I discovered that it was much better to dry them fully for two days before I roasted them.

Well!  Back to work now.  I’m about to pop out and finish my Christmas shopping because we are having our family Christmas this weekend.

We Did a Bit of Canning

And cleaned out my freezer, garden, and fridge in the process.  Of course, the freezer and fridge filled back up when I completely cleaned out the garden. . .

For a few days though, it felt so good to know that my canning was all caught up.  No more, of course.  I have several days of canning still ahead of me this fall.  It looks like my tomatoes are ready to be made into salsa right now.  The last of them are finally ripe from the garden.

A Bit of Grant’s Farm

So.  Lauren and I didn’t really enjoy Grant’s Farm.  It is too touristy and geared towards children to be much fun for us.  We did like the Clydesdales and had fun in that small section of the farm.  We enjoyed wandering the Ulyesses S Grant National Historic Site more than the actual Grant’s Farm.  That is a lovely place.  It’s quiet, has a great museum, and was as pleasant a jaunt as we could have expected.

So should you be in the area and interested in a few places around St. Louis, I would highly recommend the National Historic Site in lieu of Grant’s Farm.

I Finally Made it to the Zoo

I’ve been to a lot of zoos in my time.  I have to say that St. Louis ranks number 2 for me.  Cincinnati is still number 1.  Ft. Wayne is third.  Just in case you were wondering.  It’s amazing to me that the zoo is a free zoo.  I really loved the architecture and the walk.  It is a definite walk, but not as punishing as San Diego.

I had a fabulous time knitting my way through the zoo and checking out a lot of my favorite critters.  There are okapis!!  I am rather enamored with the okapi.  Plus tortoises.  Also a favorite Kelli animal.


And red pandas! If St. Louis had manatees, it would be all of Kelli’s favorites in one place.

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Not Sure Where to Start

The garden really outdid itself with peppers this year.  It was amazing.  I’ve never really had the dab hand with pepper growing and to say I was surprised it putting it mildly.  Look at those lovely long red jimmy nardello peppers.  I made some red pepper relish out of that lot and still have a number of green ones hiding in the fridge right now.

ARBA Convention came and went.  It was harried and busy and exhausting.  I took almost no photos and am ever so glad that other people were taking photos because I would have been so very sad to not have some photos of the many memories we made.

Lauren came to visit after Convention and we spent some time in the fabulous Missouri Botanical Garden.  Avi loves to visit the Koi there and I don’t mind at all.  The garden is beautiful at any time of year.  I am so looking forward to the Christmas lights.  Being members has been completely worth while.