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IOLI 2017 (A Bit Late)

I’m a bit late reporting on IOLI 2017.  We had a fabulous time, but really except for the vending room and Starbucks, we didn’t see much while we were in King of Prussia.  We did have a fabulous set-up with our yarn, books, and notions.  I think we are really putting together a nice display.  Finally pulling all of the pieces together into one cohesive vending space made me very happy.  I loved that photo of Sandra and her chair.  I completely understood the need for a chair that fit.

We did decide to do some fun things on the way back though.  We stopped in Intercourse, PA in Amish country and bought a bit of fabric.  Plus we tried Rita’s ice cream float thing.  It was interesting.  We also wandered through several antique shops both on the way out and the way back.  I found just a few little treasures.  Tina bought a lot of quilt tops and things. lol

We enjoyed our time in Pennsylvania and look forward to San Antonio, TX next year!

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Ah. Yes.  There continues to be pickle making.  Every few days I have just enough pickles to make 3-4 quarts.  So I’m making pickles every few days.  It’s mostly dill, but sometimes I make a batch of bread n butter.  I am not a giant pickle lover, but when I do eat pickles, I’m more likely to choose bread n butter.  When I was young, I loved pickles.  Then I sort of grew out of liking pickles.  Now, I find my tastes have returned to liking the occasional pickle.  Not other pickles though, I only eat the ones I have made.

In case you wonder what I use for making my dill and bread n butter pickles.  Makes them nummy.  However, you have to follow these guidelines to ensure crunchy pickles:

  1. Use cucumbers within 24 hours of picking and place in refrigerator if you won’t use them until the following day, drying out is your enemy
  2. Cut off the blossom end of the cucumber and discard
  3. Remove the spines from the cucumber
  4. Do not include the vine end of the cucumber in the jars
  5. Do not over process

Ok, Jayne, I think I remembered everything you told me!

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The Ducks Are No More

Something ate them today.  I suspect coyotes.  I’ve been crying most of the day.  My daily dose of happiness (watching the ducks) is gone.  I’m making plans for Duckie Ft. Knox for next spring because, of course, hatching season is over.  I’m researching Magpie breeders and hatcheries and I WILL HAVE MY DUCKS.


That is all.

It’s All Growing

The ducks have almost all of their adult plumage now.  I’ve dug potatoes and onions.  The green beans are nearly finished producing.  My carrots and sunflowers are blooming.  Plus, the lotus continues to bloom.  It’s a really pretty place to be right now.  Out in the garden.  I wonder how Avi has been doing with the garden while I’ve been gone at IOLI. . .

Some Treasures


I know these magazines or pamphlets might not have seemed important to the person who donated them to Goodwill.  I’m sure the person who donated them just wasn’t a crafting person.  He or she looked at those old magazines and saw junk.  I looked at them and saw treasure.  A little digging yielded a lot of fun things and I think I picked up the whole lot for $1-2.  I bought a few other books and things so I’m not sure what the price of each item was as they were sold in bulk.

The crochet magazines aren’t really my thing, but I know someone who will appreciate them.  I’m excited about the ideas that will spark from reading these old magazines.

The timing couldn’t have been better either as I’m at IOLI this week.  It will be fun to share ideas with so many like-minded lace makers.

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Grow, Grow, Grow My Little Plants

I’m picking a lot of green beans, cucumbers, and zucchini now.  I’ve been sharing vegetables with everyone, even the UPS guy.  I’m still waiting for my bumper crops of eggplants, peppers, melons, and tomatoes.  It’s so hard sometimes to tend the garden all summer long and wait for the literal fruits of my labor.  I am not really pleased with the purple green beans this year. The beans are bigger (wider) than I wanted and they go woody too quickly.  They also aren’t as prolific or tender as the yellow or green.  I think next year I will either try a different purple or skip planting the purples.

The damnable squash bugs are still causing problems.  I’ve been picking eggs off and squishing bugs for weeks and we finally resorted to insecticide.  Still.  I’m killing squash bugs and trying to keep them from killing my plants.  Insidious, evil things.